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Feel Better.

Live More.

At Spark Wellness, we have a passion for helping our community overcome chronic headaches, fatigue, and pain.   

The experience at our clinic in Fairhope, AL is different than anything you've seen before with our unique combination of upper cervical chiropractic care and foundational wellness support.  We strive to help people feel better and live life as their best self.

Get to the Root Cause

We're dedicated to finding the root cause of your health frustrations.  After serving

patients for over a decade, we have found that there are two root causes of pain and

suffering that aren't fully understood or addressed with typical treatment options:

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Root Cause Issue #1: 
Structural Imbalance

  When we suffer from injuries or wear & tear; a break down in our structure can lead to a dysregulated nervous system which effects how we feel and function. 

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Root Cause Issue #2:
 Healing & Inefficiency

In our clinic we see the body is designed to be self-healing.  As stressors accumulate throughout our lives, our energy levels tank and our capacity to heal diminishes.

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Our Solution:
Individualized & Collaborative Care

We've developed a specialized program to meet the needs of the individual, combining in-office care AND at-home support to address these two root causes.  This unique system gives you the tools to remove the obstacles preventing your body from expressing its true health.  Even better, it gives you the knowledge to take care of yourself and your loved ones for a lifetime.

Our Core Services

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Our Specialty Services

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle form of bodywork that cares for the fascia, an important soft tissue network in the body. Releasing tension in this system helps to support proper structure and regulate the nervous system. CST can be an amazing support for the chiropractic care we provide.

Holistic Support for Infants

We see that symptoms such as tongue-ties, reflux, colic, plagiocephaly, constipation, and missed milestones are signals that an infant could also use some extra support for their structure and healing capacity. Addressing these root causes early paves the way for better growth and development.

Holistic Support for Women's Health

Women have a unique, rhythmic life journey and whether your struggling to conceive, feeling exhausted months or years after birth, or dreading the changes of menopause, finding the right support can make all the difference in making this journey easier. We combine multiple forms of structural and foundational wellness support through the lens of women's health for a unique and individualized care plan.

Here's what our people are saying:

Brandi H.

Before beginning NUCCA chiropractic care, I was having lots of neurological issues that were related to my neck being out of alignment. My body would sway back and forth. I would sometimes fall forwards/backwards from balance issues. When laying down, I would feel like I was floating on a raft in the middle of the ocean. I would stay nauseous constantly. I had headaches/dizziness. I wasn’t able to enjoy activities with my children because of the pain in my neck constantly. After receiving treatment with Dr. Dodds, all of my neurological symptoms have improved drastically. I would highly recommend NUCCA chiropractic care if you are having any type of misalignment.

Kayla J.

I finally feel like I have found what I’ve been missing for all of these years I’ve been in pain, despite frequent traditional chiropractic visits. My body feels so much stronger, I’m sleeping better and even slowly working in some additional recommendations Dr. Jacob had.Will I ever go back to getting jerked around and fear the sound of my neck crack? Not a chance. I wish I could’ve began this process sooner. I no longer fear working at the computer and getting a migraine in the afternoon from the suboccipital pressure. I’ve started living my life again with less worry. I can’t thank Dr. Jacob (and the lovely Danielle) enough — my life has changed. Invest in yourself, invest in your health and your body will thank you back!

Julie M.

Resolved pain at the base of my head after having had neck X-rays, physical therapy, and suggestions for MRI’s with no results. Adjustments were painless, simple and quick. Highly recommend if you are out of ideas or just starting down this path!

Caroline C.

Such a great experience so far! Their staff is kind and professional. The treatment is gentle and quick. I recommend it for anyone that's afraid of being snapped in half by a chiropractor, or just prefer to have a holistic healing experience over time.

Our discovery appointment is a 45 min appointment to get a

full consultation, exam, and state-of-the art 3D imaging. 


Even better, you will be given options about how YOU would like to

move forward to get on a new path of health and healing.  


This appointment is perfect for those:

- Who are tired of their current treatment options (or lack thereof)

- Feel overwhelmed trying to figure out what their next best step is

- Feel like their body isn't getting better (or getting worse) and don't want to think about what their health will be like in 3-10 years

Ready For A Change?

Meet Your

Fairhope, AL Chiropractors

Drs. Lauren and Jake Dodds spent years dealing with their own chronic health conditions.
They found that no matter how many hospitals and specialists they went to, it was still unclear of how to feel better and create the life experience they wanted.

Through their own healing journey and over a decade of experience showing others how to do the same, Spark Wellness in Fairhope, AL was born. 

They are so excited to show others what they feel like they were missing for so many years through their unique form of care. 

Image by Gian Cescon

Ready to Get to the Root Cause of Your Health Frustrations?

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