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We help people experience a 75% or more reduction in headaches and neck pain in 9 weeks.

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Is how you are feeling leading to unwanted things in your life?

  • Not exercising?

  • Exhausted?

  • Short temper with others?

  • Hard time enjoying things?

  • Feel frustration or hopelessness?

Fun Baking

Is there something you would like to have in your life?

  • More Energy?

  • Better Mood?

  • Feel more creative?

  • Have more fun?

  • Feel more connected to the people you care about?

Baking Together

What People Say

I am able to do normal things that my migraines used to prevent me from doing.  I have overall far fewer migraines than I ever have had in my life.

- Alexa

Meet Your

Fairhope AL Chiropractor

Dr. Jake Dodds, Fairhope AL Chiropractor at Spark Wellness LLC, witnessed

his own wife struggle with migraine headaches and neck pain for years. 


They found that no matter how many hospitals and specialists they went to,

it was still unclear of how she could feel better and have the life experience

they wanted.

Through sweat and tears - they discovered simple, underutilized, and powerful healing tools that were able to make a difference


Seeing the change in her energy, mood, and ability to show up in her life as herself has inspired Dr. Jake to deliver that same experience to others struggling with headaches/neck pain.


75% Less Headaches/Neck Pain in 9 Weeks

Many people end up getting "stuck in the middle" in an endless cycle of chasing symptoms.  Getting to the root cause is the only way forward to lasting change. 


As a result, the Structural Energetics program was born.  Clarifying the cause, revealing the solution, and executing the plan allows people to move past their migraines in a way they no longer thought was possible.  

Image by Gian Cescon

Change starts at your first visit

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