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Foundational Wellness for Foundational Healing

Our health recipe is simple:
Structure x Energy = Health

Foundational Wellness is able to address both structural and energetic issues at their core. 

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It recognizes that the human beings are a complex interaction between bones, muscles, nerves and fascia.  Understanding how these systems work together allows us to direct both in-office and at-home action steps for greater freedom of movement and effortless posture. 

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It recognizes that energy is an extremely underrated consideration when looking at someone who is dealing with chronic headaches, fatigue, or pain.  Energy is essential not only to all functions in the human body but also to the healing process itself.  Knowing the mechanisms of energy storage and production in the human body allows us to literally recharge people's systems down to the cellular level.  People are shocked when they remember how much energy their brains, bodies, and healing abilities actually contain. 

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