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Meet The Team At Spark Wellness

Drs. Jake and Lauren Dodds had their own chiropractic clinic for

over a decade in the Washington, D.C. area and are very excited to offer their

unique style of chiropractic care in Fairhope, AL. 


Through their professional experience, they've discovered for themselves

and their practice members the true root causes that affect people’s health.  


They also felt a calling to move to this area where there was a true sense

of community that prioritized their family and quality of life.  


They are thrilled to serve that community in Fairhope, Daphne,

Spanish Fort, Eastern Shore, and Mobile Bay.

Dr. Jake Dodds

Dr. Jake Dodds has been a NUCCA upper cervical specific chiropractor for 11 years.  He is one of less than 150 people worldwide who hold their level 2 certification in this work.  


16 years ago, Dr. Jake felt his health declining.  He was struggling with extreme muscle tightness, fatigue, brainfog, and weight gain.  He felt frustrated as he felt he was doing the “right things” with exercise, nutrition, and taking care of his body.  


Eventually as he was introduced to the NUCCA chiropractic care and the principles of foundational wellness, his life and health were transformed. 

He is passionate to use his knowlege and first hand experience so people can move past the frustration of not feeling well and move on to enjoy a lifetime of health and energy.



Dr. Lauren Dodds

Dr. Lauren's health journey started in high school with a series of debilitating head injuries.  After trying all the medical specialists, nutrition, dental work, injections, physical therapy, and more; she eventually found relief with upper cervical chiropractic.


From that point forward, she knew she wanted to help others with their health and she dedicated herself to becoming an upper cervical chiropractor. 


The next stage of her journey as a practitioner was when she became a mom and realized how little support mothers' receive before, during, and after pregnancy.  In addition, she saw how much can be done for babies and kids.  She sees that supporting health at such a critical window of development sets a healthy foundation for life!

She is so grateful to get to live in Fairhope, AL with her husband and kiddos. They love being able to get outside for fun adventures and surround themselves with such an amazing community.

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