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Nothing in the body works in isolation.  When one thing in the body is affected, there is a ripple effect that will also influence other systems of the body.

When you are looking to achieve your health goals, being able to support the body from multiple angles allows the most efficient and complete healing. 

Once this is realized, the frustration many face is trying to find the right "team" of practitioners.  Even more challenging is explaining your unique challenges and goals to each practitioner and hope their is some semblance of teamwork/coordination of care. 

We are proud to present the unique combination of services, information and products we provide.  Putting all of these things under one roof provides congruent care from multiple angles so you can feel your best with the most efficiency possible.



Upper Cervical Chiropractic

NUCCA is an upper cervical specific chiropractic technique.  It is extremely gentle and is in our office is directed by state-of-the-art 3D imaging.  This technique is a nervous system based adjustment restoring function to the nerves that control our posture and vital body functions.  It does so through a calculated rebalancing of the head, neck, and spine together as a functional unit.  

Foundational Wellness

Foundational wellness is the implementation of cutting edge health principles focusing on restoring the body’s energy making and healing capabilities.  Your body is the only thing that can heal your body so understanding the principles and action steps that support those processes creates an ability to move forward in a way that wasn’t possible previously.


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle form of bodywork which restores the integrity of the fascia, rehydrates stiff tissue, and delivers energy into the system. 

Care for Mom’s Before, During, and After Pregnancy

The time before, during, and after pregnancy all have their unique joys and challenges.  Dr. Lauren holds a unique combination of certifications and over a decade of experience for each of these phases including structural care in the office and foundational wellness support at-home. 

Children’s Care (Infant - Young Adult)

We see taking care of little’s at all stages of life is an important part of feeling happy and healthy for a lifetime.  Special certifications and experience in this field allows us to take care of kiddos no matter where they are on their health journey. 

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