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Such a great experience so far! Their staff is kind and professional. The treatment is gentle and quick. I recommend it for anyone that's afraid of being snapped in half by a chiropractor, or just prefer to have a holistic healing experience over time.

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Resolved pain at the base of my head after having had neck X-rays, physical therapy, and suggestions for MRI’s with no results. Adjustments were painless, simple and quick. Highly recommend if you are out of ideas or just starting down this path!

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In the past decade, I've been to about a dozen "traditional" chiropractors in different places I've lived. I'd get temporary relief from some (and pain with others) but never felt like my body was healing the way it needed to. I'd been dealing with numerous issues like back pain down my spine, herniated disks, intense pressure in my face (especially in my nose and front teeth), pain and cramping in my muscles at the base of my skull and neck, and knee and hip pain. And all of that has led to migraines that impact my daily life and vision. My nervous system is so wrecked that I can’t even tolerate a traditional chiropractic adjustments without breaking out in hives and feeling fatigued and sick for days. The nerves in my neck were screaming and I was getting shooting nerve pain into my face more frequently. I felt so stuck… and felt like my head wasn’t on right (and I later learned it was not).

My wonderful practitioner recommended I search for a NUCCA (upper cervical) chiropractor. Sure, I had been to different chiropractors who would use different tools or tables but I never knew there were different types of chiropractic care that were more gentle and wouldn’t leave me itching from head to toe. Ones that didn’t twist and jerk your body around. So I did some research. I discovered Dr. Jacob/Spark Wellness coming to the area and immediately reached out! He quickly emailed me back so I could discuss my unique (*highly* sensitive) situation. I felt heard and excited to begin the process.

NUCCA/Dr. Jacob’s approach isn't traditional so don't expect traditional results. I won’t get into the specifics of the way you’re adjusted but it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It’s so gentle and much more effective because it’s truly customized for your spine, starting from the top down. You aren’t just yanked around, forcing your body to be in positions it doesn’t need to be in.

For the first time, I saw my body in a new way – literally. From the first visit, we did 3D x-rays of my neck and I could see the curvature in my spine before he said anything. I wasn’t expecting much from my first adjustment because of the different technique but even before I left the office, I felt a sense of clarity and calmness — something I hadn’t felt in a long, long time from all of the pressure on my spinal nerves. Within a few more visits, I started to notice my knee pain disappear and my shoulders nearly stopped cracking when I lifted my arms. When I would be working at my computer for hours, the facial pressure started to lessen into nothing. We started incorporating lower back adjustments and that began to feel better as well, despite having a herniated disk (don’t lift sofas, kids).

I finally feel like I have found what I’ve been missing for all of these years I’ve been in pain, despite frequent traditional chiropractic visits. My body feels so much stronger, I’m sleeping better and even slowly working in some additional recommendations Dr. Jacob had.

Will I ever go back to getting jerked around and fear the sound of my neck crack? Not a chance. I wish I could’ve began this process sooner. I no longer fear working at the computer and getting a migraine in the afternoon from the suboccipital pressure. I’ve started living my life again with less worry. I can’t thank Dr. Jacob (and the lovely Danielle) enough — my life has changed. Invest in yourself, invest in your health and your body will thank you back!

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Before beginning NUCCA chiropractic care, I was having lots of neurological issues that were related to my neck being out of alignment. My body would sway back and forth. I would sometimes fall forwards/backwards from balance issues. When laying down, I would feel like I was floating on a raft in the middle of the ocean. I would stay nauseous constantly. I had headaches/dizziness. I wasn’t able to enjoy activities with my children because of the pain in my neck constantly. After receiving treatment with Dr. Dodds, all of my neurological symptoms have improved drastically. I would highly recommend NUCCA chiropractic care if you are having any type of misalignment.

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