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Holistic Infant Care

Optimal Start Program

As mothers, we all have this fierce desire to give our kids the best. And what I love about this newest generation of parents is that the health and wellness of their kids is taking just as critical of a role as their academics and achievements. We’ve come to realize that building a healthier, more sensational brain starts very young with quality movement and strong attachment as an infant. This is why the growth and development during the 1st year of life plays a crucial role in the overall health and happiness of your kiddos.

But unfortunately, motherhood doesn’t come with a manual. Even with the constant streaming of free content, it’s overwhelming to know which advice to listen and how best to support your family. Even the monthly “well checks” with your doctor can feel rushed and don’t always provide the tools that families are looking for to promote the optimal health and wellness for their families. This is why we’ve created a monthly wellness program specially designed for babies under 1.

Introducing the Optimal Start Program


The Optimal Start Program helps cultivate health from birth with monthly wellness appointments. These visits not only provide direct hands-on support for your baby, but they also provide an opportunity for families to learn developmentally specific tools/exercises that can be performed at home, to support optimal wellness and milestone development for your baby in between visits.

Each visit in the office is custom tailored to

the current needs of your baby and may include:

  • Gentle and Specific Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Emotional support

  • Movement support

  • Oral function support

  • Photobiomodulation (also known as Red Light Therapy)

  • 3-7 Recommended At-Home Support Tools/Exercises

This powerful combination of in-office care and at-home support helps ensure that your baby’s development through this critical first year is as healthy as possible.

Ready to get started?

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