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Free Health and Wellness Events for Local Businesses

Drs. Jake and Lauren Dodds are the chiropractors and foundational health experts at Spark Wellness in Fairhope.  They have seen that many people working in an office environment are consistently dealing with headaches, fatigue, sore muscles, stiff necks, and stiff backs.  Not only does it not feel good, but it makes it hard to stay productive all day and focused on what they are doing. 

The combined passion of the team at Spark Wellness is to empower a healthy community.  They are happy to offer these free health events to local businesses:

Why does Spark Wellness do free events?

Some people are surprised to here that we come in do all of this free of charge.  We truly are passionate about empowering a healthier community and we see these events as part of our community outreach.  We also find that when we are able to provide great health information for people, they will remember us if they really need us. 

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Alexa Young, CA

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Let's Get Started!

Our calendar tends to fill up quickly.  Getting started is as easy as sending us an email to:

Let us know what events or topics you are interested in and we will find a time that works with your schedule!

Meet Your

Fairhope, AL Chiropractors

Drs. Lauren and Jake Dodds spent years dealing with their own chronic health conditions.
They found that no matter how many hospitals and specialists they went to, it was still unclear of how to feel better and create the life experience they wanted.

Through their own healing journey and over a decade of experience showing others how to do the same, Spark Wellness in Fairhope, AL was born. 

They are so excited to show others what they feel like they were missing for so many years through their unique form of care. 

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