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Posture, Bite, and the Upper Cervical Spine

We've established that "posture" or the structure of the human body is essential for its proper health and function.

We have all been told something that isn't true. We have been told that posture is a matter of awareness and effort.

Posture is actually controlled by the autonomic nervous system which by its very nature is unconscious and not under our direct control.

The control panel for our posture is in the brainstem (see previous post for more info on the brainstem). It sits at the top of our neck between the top of the spine and the skull.

For the brainstem to be in a calm state and work properly, it needs to have good structure (posture) between the head and the neck.

For many people they have a misaligment between the at the top of the spine - as an upper cervical chiropractor I see it is critical to make sure that this area is properly aligned.

The second piece that I want to talk about today is the your bite - the way your teeth come together and the position your jaw is in. Your bite is what stabilizes the front part of your skull in space. Your spine is the support on the back of the skull. Your bite is your support on the front of your skull.

What this means is that your bite and your upper cervical spine must have good alignment for your brainstem to have the space it needs to operate effectively. Many people with "poor posture" are actually dealing with an upper spine misalignment, bite misalignment, or both.

In upcoming posts we will be talking about action steps to improve each of these facets of our structure (posture).

Want more info? Check out the video below!

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