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Teeth Clenching and the Upper Cervical Spine

Lot's of people deal with clenching of the teeth on a consistent basis.

The question is why? In this article we are going to dig into this important topic that causes so many people discomfort.

There are 3 categories that cause clenching. The first is structural issues. This can be issues with the bite or how the teeth are coming together as well as the position of the jaw. What needs to be included in this conversation is the position of the skull and neck can also cause a misalignment that leads to teeth clenching.

The second is neurological. There is something called proprioception that is extremely important to your brain and it comes from getting good neurological information from the rest of the body. If that is not happening, your brain may start to clench as the jaw joint has loads of prioprioceptive input.

The third is your airway. Especially at night, if your brain is registering that you are not getting good oxygen or that the airway is not as open as it should be, it may clench your teeth to help open the airway.

If nothing else know that there are often 1 or more of these factors contributing to why someone's body may clench. Check out the full video below for more info!

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