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Overlooked Causes of Anxiety and Depression

I think one of the biggest disservices in healthcare is our tendency to push physical issues over into one corner and then take mental/emotional issues and put them into a different corner.

Ultimately, our mental/emotional experience is through our complex experience of the human brain. Our brain is part of our body, so why couldn't our body affect our brain?

Well, it can and it does.

The part I would like to focus on with this post is something called the brain stem. It is what connects our brain to our spinal cord. It also controls about 80% of everything that keeps us alive that we don't have to think about: heart rate, blood pressure, sleep cycle digestion and yes, mood.

Clinically I see many people have there head/neck sitting in stressed position. Whether it was through accidents or injuries or just general wear and tear. People talk about neck pain, tightness of the upper neck, have a hard time moving their neck in a certain direction, feel like their head feels heavy etc. What many of these same people notice is they struggle with brain fog, anxiety, depression, or ADHD like symptoms.

Could there be a connection there?

I think yes. Whenever a nerve gets irritated it goes through a process called hyperfacilitation. It's a fancy word that means it starts firing more spasticallyl then it would normally. When a nerve in our arm is irritated, it feels numb or tingly. When a central processing nerve in our brainstem gets irritated, what is the end result?

I think this is a question that is not considered fully or looked at nearly enough. With many people dealing with misaligments of the head and neck, could it be a direct route to interfering with our brain's emotions and processing ability?

What I have seen clinically is that is the case for many people. When we start to clear up the upper neck, suddenly people feel like they have a calmness and mental faculty that has not been there in years or sometimes ever.

Want to watch more? Check out the full length video!

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