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Best Breakfast for Leptin and Chronic Pain Management

I used to wake up well before the sun and scarf down my breakfast before I headed to work.

Despite feeling like I ate a lot and good quality - I would feel like I started to crash about 10:30. Hangry was a very real daily occurance and I felt like I could barely make it to lunch.

I also struggled with my weight and my energy/brain capacity was all over the place throughout the day. I also felt like my body wasn't healing well and was always inflammed.

What I came to learn is timing is everything. Here are my 3 best tips for getting your breakfast to work for you, not against you:

  1. Eat 30-60 min AFTER sunrise. The general theme here is your body has a daily rhythm tied to sunlight - also known as your circadian rhythm. This governs not only your sleep but also your activation/energy cycles and hormones throughout the day. When we eat before sunrise it activates cortisol and insulin before the body is ready for it and metablolic chaos ensues.

  2. 25-30 g of protein. Fills you up for this meal and keeps you steady until lunch.

  3. Very low carbs or no carbs. What?!? Hear me out - despite most of our common breakfast foods being based completely around carbs, it may not be the most supportive thing you can do for your leptin and circadian rhythm. Carbs will most strongly trigger your insulin/cortisol response, so if we get a punch of carbs in the morning it can kick you into a higher cortisol episode then your body may be naturally ready for. When I changed this I went from feeling like I was dying for lunch at 10:30 to being completely fine waiting until 1:00 PM or longer to eat.

Check out the full length video here! -

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