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Best Lunch Practices

We have been talking a lot about leptin in the past few blog posts.

It's a hormone that should get a lot more attention because it is central in our body's ability to make energy and heal.

For lunch, there a few things to keep in mind to help regulate your leptin and maximize its full healing potential.

  1. Eat 25 g of protein

    1. protein will provide the building blocks necessary for your body's healing/repair, will help keep you full, and will help balance leptin

  2. Eat most of your daily carbohydrates with lunch

    1. Carbohydrates will cause the body to release cortisol and insulin. Cortisol in its natural rhythm will be the highest in the middle of the day. Eating carbohydrates around lunch is in good rhythm with your body's natural daily cycle.

  3. Get outside for 10 min around lunchtime

    1. UV light stimulates metabolic pathways that help us digest our carbohydrates. Take advantage of the UV light present around lunch time!

Here is the full length video if you want to hear more!

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