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Posture & Structured Water

Many people know their posture stinks.  Many of these same people have associated neck pain, migraines, headaches, fatigue and tight muscles.  

We have all been told an outdated model of posture that is purely based on the muscles.  

What has been recently discovered is that our body houses a special type of water known as structured water - H302. 

This water forms complex hexagonal structures that exert the hydrostatic pressure necessary to keep our body’s in a good upright position.  

In this episode we discuss how all of these pieces fit together and how to make sure your body is making adequate amounts of structured water.  

Dr. Jake Dodds and Dr. Lauren Dodds are the upper cervical chiropractors and foundational wellness experts at Spark Wellness in Fairhope, AL.  Providing cutting edge health information to Daphne, Spanish Fort, the eastern shore and mobile bay area is their passion.  They have seen that people who feel well can show up as their best selves with the people they care about the most.  They feel that is what life is all about!

Episode Transcription:

Hello, and welcome to new episode of the Spark Wellness Podcast. My name is doctor Jake Dodds. And today is part two of our part two series on structured water. So if you hadn't listened to previous week's episode, I highly recommend that because when I first heard structured water is, like, what on earth is this? And, especially, what on earth does this have to do with my health?

So we broke it down last time for you in a little bit more detail, and we're gonna build on top of that today. Now, again, structured water is a quick refresher. Instead of that regular h two o, we get a more complex confirmation of h three zero two. And we talked about how that essentially creates a living battery within our body where we have a voltage differential that's able to pass electrons along super efficiently.  So going back to these core ideas of in order to be healthy and have your body running effectively, we need to have structure and we need to have energy.

Structured water is hugely important for energy. The reason I wanted to turn this into a two part episode is because it's also hugely important for the structure of our bodies.  So, again, this is the idea that our body needs to be able to be upright in a good neutral position to be able to support itself in order to feel and function well. It's taken way too often for granted. The other issue here is we have a really outdated model of how our body functions structurally.

So what we've all been told is that we're basically robots. We have bones, and then we have muscles and ligaments and tendons that pull on our bones, and we're like a marionette doll that goes wherever the muscles pull us to. And  the cool part about the science that's coming out is they're able to do calculations and see things that we are never able to see before. So we had speculations or theories and, essentially, led to some false assumptions. And, again, one of those being that in order for our nice to stand upright.

The only way that happens is our muscles use an energy form called ATP. Our muscles use that ATP in order to contract, and then at contractions, what keeps us upright against gravity. So what happened is they started running the calculations of how much ACP that would actually take, how much muscular effort that would actually take to keep our frames operating against gravity all day every day. And what they found is the math didn't pan out. So what I mean by that is they found that the human body wouldn't be able to generate enough ATP to hold itself upright all day just to exist in gravity, not to mention all the other stuff that needs to happen in your body and that ATP is used for.

So they went back to the drawing board, and the more that we learned about structured water, the more some of these pieces fell into place.  So what happens is when your mitochondria are working effectively,  when you have good solid concentration and mineral concentration in your body, things like magnesium.  Then and if you're also getting good external energy sources like infrared heat from the sunlight, your body is able to create this structured water. So it requires a few different pieces working together. But with those three things, your body can create this h three zero two liquid crystalline confirmation of structured water within your body.

Now we already again talked about why this is important for passing energy and communication throughout your body. But now to get into the structural component, structured water in that h three zero two liquid crystalline structure forms these complex hexagonal towers.  So when you look at this stuff under electron microscope, it's just this this beautiful array of molecules that they're finding is, again, existing within our body. But the cool part about this is when water is in this confirmation, it exerts a tremendous amount of hydrostatic pressure.  And so what they're finding is our fascial networks, that thin connective tissue that covers everything in our body.

It's filled with these tiny microscopic tubules that are packed full of this structured water. So, again, the more they started seeing this, the more they are able to start putting some of these pieces together and finding that a lot of the human body's ability to stand upright against gravity is actually dependent on us being able to generate hydrostatic pressure through that structured water. So it's more like a complex system of hydraulic pumps than it is this, like, stick and string model that we've all been taught. So from this perspective,  it's again where I see a lot of people get frustrated where it's like, man, I know my posture sucks. I know my body doesn't go to a good position on its own.

I'm trying to stretch. I'm trying to activate certain muscles so I can pull my body up to a better position, and they still consistently find themselves defaulting to this Hunched Stater. They feel like it takes a ton of effort for them to just,  uh, stand up straight or try to get to a good position.  So the better we understand the foundational ways that our body actually operate, the less we have to fight these outdated models that we've been taught and the more we can step  into the health that our bodies are designed for.  So, again, the big thing I want you to take away from today is that structured water plays a key role in getting our bodies to be upright and vertical.

Mitochondrial health, making sure we have good mineral content, and making sure that we are putting good energy sources in so we can get a good output. So it's things like infrared energy from the sun is gonna be productive. And then things that we've talked about in the past, so, like, uh, large explosion to artificial lighting, especially after sunset, in these things will actually deplete us of structured water. So, uh, if you've ever taken a long plane ride and,  uh, you've been kind of in this environment where you're inundated with all this stuff and you can't get to natural sunlight. A lot of people will feel literally like, they're getting dragged down to the ground.

They'll even use language like this. Like, man, I'm dragging. Like, man, I I just feel like I'm, like, trying to pull myself throughout the day. So it happens. And, um, flip side of things, you spend a nice day at the beach.

It's like you feel like you have all this energy available for you, and you'll notice you're carrying yourself in a better position. So those things go hand in hand. And making sure that our body has a good amount of structured water is critical not only for our energy component, but also for finding a good position structurally. So thanks for tuning in today. This won't be the last time we talked about water, but I did wanna give this overview and the importance that it plays in these two key roles of our health, the structure, and the energy.

Thanks for tuning in today, guys. Can't wait to keep talking to you.

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