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Snacks May Not Be Your Friend

In my last couple of posts I have been discussing Leptin - possibly one of the most underrated hormones in the human body.

It is directly involved in or metabolism, healing, and energy production.

The worst part is, many people have dysregulated leptin and have never even heard of it!

If you haven't checked out my previous couple of posts, I recommend it as it will give you a full background on leptin.

What we are discussing in this post is how to actually start improving your leptin!

My top 5 tips are:

  1. No Snacks! As painful as this may sound, every time you eat or drink something flavored, your body releases insulin and cortisol - which both block leptin. If we are constantly eating leptin never gets a chance to do its job!

  2. Along with #1 - leave 5-6 hours between meals ideally (4 hours on the short end)

  3. Eat 1 meal outside - Our hormone production and release is largely dependent on our circadian rhythm. Getting natural light exposure is a key piece of proper leptin regulation.

  4. Along with #3 - Wear blue light blocking glasses before sunrise and after sunset. Artificial blue light from our devices tricks our brain into thinking its the middle of the day which corresponds to cortisol release.

  5. Undereating or fasting too often can also lead to leptin dysregulation. If you are constantly intermittent fasting or otherwise, it may lead to leptin issues.

Want the full scoop? Check out the full length video!


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